Raspberry Marble

MyCalculator - iPhone

Basic Buttons

Basic Buttons
  • Tap the Info Button Info Icon to display application information.
  • Tap the Memory Icon Info Icon (only diaplyed if values in memory) to display the values in memory.
    Select a memory to use the value in the current calculation.
  • Tap the Variables Icon Info Icon to display the variables.
    Select a variable to use the value in the current calculation.
  • The memory button (M) will toggle several other buttons to Clear Memory (MC), Set Memory (MS), Recall Memory (MR), Add to Memory (M+), Subtract from Memory (M-), Multiply by Memory (Mx) and Divide into Memory (M÷).
  • After selecting the Memory button (M) you can optionally select an alternative memory location from 1 to 9 (0 is the default location).
  • The decimal point button (.) will toggle to the exponent button (E) once a decimal point has been entered.

Advanced Buttons

Advanced Buttons
  • The Inverse button (inv) toggles all trigonometric buttons (sin, cos, tan, csc, sec, cot) to their respective inverse function, e.g. Sine (sin) becomes Arcsine (sin-1)
  • The Hyperbolic button (hyp) toggles all trigonometric buttons to their respective hyperbolic function, e.g. Sine (sin) becomes Hyperbolic Sine (sinh)
  • Inverse and Hyperbolic buttons can be combined
  • The Degrees, Minutes and Seconds button (° ' ") toggles the display bewteen a decimal number and an angle represented in degrees, minutes and seconds, e.g. 45.56 is displayed as 45°33'36".
    This button is also used when entering an angle e.g. 45 degrees, 33 minutes and 36 seconds can be entered as: 4 5 (° ' ") 3 3 (° ' ") 3 6
  • The Radians button (rad) toggles to Degrees (deg) and Degrees (deg) back to Radians (rad)
    The current angle mode is displayed at the top

Computer Buttons

Computer Buttons
  • The Hexadecimal, Decimal and Binary buttons (hex, dec, bin) change the number base to 16, 10 and 2 respectively. Any base from 2 to 16 can be chosen with the Base button (basen) followed by the number 2 to 9 or letter A (10) to F (16).
  • The current base is displayed at the top.
    Base 16 displays as Hex, base 8 displays as Oct and base 2 displayes as Bin.
  • If any base other than Decimal is chosen, the current value will be truncated to an integer.
  • Non-Decimal numbers are only supported up to 64-bit values.
  • The Left Shift button (<<) and Right Shift button (>>) shift the current value by a single digit, e.g. 10 will Shift Left (<<) to 100 regardless of base.

Custom Buttons

Custom Buttons
  • Select the Record (rec) button to start recording a custom function.
    When promtped, select a button (P1 to P24) to store the function.
  • The Record button (rec) will toggle to Save (save) and the Edit (edit) button will toggle to Cancel (cancel) during the recording.
  • Most buttons can be used during the recording, including memory functions and variables.
  • If variables are used in a recorded calculation, they can optionally prompt for a new value when the calculation is performed but selecting the custom button.
  • Select the Edit (edit) button to display a list of all the programmable buttons. Seelct a button from the list to edit the button name, description, text color and background color.