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Primary Category:Utilities
Secondary Category:Productivity
Keywords:Calculator, Programmable, Hex, Binary, Boolean, Trigonometry, Variables, Random Numbers.
Description:MyCalculator has all the normal calculator functions but also has a number of unique features:
  • Custom buttons
    You can record any sequence of calculator functions and assign the sequence to a custom button. This allows you to create your own functions. The text and background colour of the custom buttons can also be changed.
  • Variables
    You can add, update and delete variables by tapping the (V) icon at any time. Any variable can be selected to use it's value in the current calculation. Variables can also be used in custom functions. Each variable has a name and a value which can optionally be prompted for when a custom button is used.
  • Large buttons
    Even in landscape mode the buttons on iPhone and iPod Touch remain large and similar to the size in portrait mode unlike many calculators which have much smaller and many more buttons when rotated. A tab bar is displayed on an iPhone to access separate pages of buttons instead of squeezing all the buttons on to a single screen.
  • Multiple memory values
    A list of all the memory values can be displayed by tapping the (M) icon at any time. Any memory can be selected to use the value in the current calculation which is much easier than remembering which memory you stored the value in.
  • Computer functions
    Boolean functions and calculations in any base from 2 to 16.
  • Retina display for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
Screenshots:iPhone/iPod Touch